Thursday, May 12, 2011

Saints and Sinners

Today, I head to the Saints and Sinners Literary Conference in New Orleans.
Most writer's conferences are about promotion or offer only beginner level panels. Saints and Sinners has something for every level.

Hanging out with dear friends such as D.L. King, Michael Thomas Ford, Greg Herren, and Rob Byrnes (and a host of others) is a big plus. I lvoe spending time with other writers. They speak my language.

It's strange to be in a city that isn't my home, but every time I turn a corner in the French Quarter, I see someone I know, but it also gives it that "old home week" feel that I love. We'll keep one eye on the river this year. Last year, it was the oil spill. Five, four, and even three years ago, it was the still visible signs of Katrina's passing. Does New Orleans ever catch a break? And yet, it endures.

Every year, I come back re-energized and ready to write. The ideas spill out of my brain, and I'm recommitted to improving my craft. I look forward to this all year.